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Why now is the Right Time for AML Transformation 

If you’re on the front lines of the money laundering fight within a bank, insurance company, building society, payment processor or other financial institution, you know, that despite your best efforts, it’s still a losing battle against the war on Financial Crime.

Digital Transformation, Innovation and The AI Dialectic

The last half-century is a rich illustration of how digital innovations drive business growth. The next phase in this cycle promises to be turbo-charged by AI to learn business outcomes at hyperscale[4] orchestrated via cloud, where the geometric growth in data powers transformations in apps, and vice versa. At FatBrain, we call this cycle the “AI Dialectic”.

AI solutions for 213 million worldwide businesses

AI-powered insights and decision-making for business are nothing new. In fact, 86% of CEOs say AI is mainstream technology in their office, and as of last year, 39% of large organizations planned to invest in AI.