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Your high potential saving could be 12,481.22 USD (+91.45%) through hedging. Find out how?

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Save on FX Transactions

Any business impacted by global trade and international payments can unlock FX savings to boost its bottom line

FX is artificially and unnecessarily expensive for small to mid-sized businesses.

According to an International Monetary Fund report, banks charge up to 25 times more in transaction costs than market FX rate, impacting the bottom line of roughly 90% of businesses that engage in global commerce or accept or issue international payments.

Get your personalized FX savings report

Your FX Fair Value Report (FVR) provides:

Your FX Fair Value Report (FVR) provides:

Personalized in-depth analysis of historical transactions to identify FX cycles and savings opportunities

Key recommendations to minimize risk using industry-leading AI

Get expert coaching to anticipate currency dynamics to match your purchase cycles

Find out how you rank among your peers

Find out how you rank among your peers

In-depth analysis of historical transactions to identify cost-saving

Match your purchase cycle to currency dynamics

Actionable intelligence for immediate improvements in FX business performance
Match your purchase cycle to currency dynamics

Discover your saving opportunity

Powered by peer intelligence

Get your personalized FX savings report

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my data will be safe?

FatBrain FX Fair Value Report (FVR) reviews your foreign exchange (FX) transactions and performs possible savings calculations. FatBrain does not store a copy of your transaction data. All of FatBrain’s software is developed with adherence to state-of-the-art security principles. All data between our servers and you is encrypted with at least 128-bit TLS. Data is kept secure with multiple servers housed in secure data centers that have strict access controls and real-time video monitoring. All servers are hardened Linux installations, which are monitored in real-time and kept up to date with security patches.

How are you different from other payment providers?

Three things make us different:

  1. Our account managers provide a higher level of personal and professional service.
  2. Our rates of exchange and prices are more competitive.
  3. We are by far the most recognized international payment provider in main-line business media reflecting our superior market insight.

How are you different from my bank?

We are experts that only offers foreign exchange and international payment services. This specialization allows us to focus all of our resources on delivering exceptional service, price and value.

Do I have to belong to a specific industry to work with you?

We serve any organization that has a legitimate business need to send funds overseas. Over the years we have worked with many businesses across many industry sectors, including importers of antiques, wine and liquor, textiles and apparel, food, equipment, sports gear, musical instruments, furniture, medical supplies, and construction material. We also serve industries that bring in raw materials and parts such as chemicals, aviation and electronic components. Universities that fund overseas programs, Freight Forwarders that maintain international agents, Travel Agents / Tour Operators that specialize in international travel and U.S. subsidiaries that repatriate funds back to a foreign head office also benefit from our foreign exchange and payment services.

May I partner with FatBrain to integrate FX services into my business web site?

We offer API access to FatBrain’s Fair Value Report engine, enabling you to white label FatBrain FX solution for your customers and partners. Contact us at to setup your account.