AI solutions for 213 million worldwide businesses

AI-powered insights and decision-making for business are nothing new. In fact, 86% of CEOs say AI is mainstream technology in their office, and as of last year, 39% of large organizations planned to invest in AI.

AI solutions for 213 million worldwide businesses

AI solutions for 213 million worldwide businesses

AI-powered insights and decision-making for business are nothing new. In fact, 86% of CEOs say AI is mainstream technology in their office, and as of last year, 39% of large organizations planned to invest in AI.

But is that really representative of all Main Street businesses?

Sure, top 1% of enterprises have the means to exploit AI. They can hire specialized talent, engage consultants, test various solutions, and so on. They also have the deep pockets to absorb false starts, pivots, costly experiments, even abject failures.

What about the Main Street? Do most entrepreneurs, startups, or even established, thriving mid-size businesses and self-directed divisions of global enterprises have the time and resources (human and financial) for an AI toe dip? Can they afford missteps or learning on the fly?

According to research, more than half of the companies considering AI implementation said staff skills was their number one challenge (56%). Hardly a shock, right? Rounding out the top three hurdles were fearing the unknown (42%) and finding a starting point (26%).

So how does Main Street compete with the 1%ers? Where do they turn for outside expertise and guidance? How do they avoid falling further behind the leaders?

Putting the AI in Main Street

The vast majority of companies need an AI coach, to help them grow, guide, and improve using peer outcomes. Enter FatBrain — a pioneering leader in the Peer AI space, devoted to this massive, underserved segment of the market.

The FatBrain team has developed a Main Street solution that clears those hurdles and brings the indispensable power of automated intelligence to businesses ranging from few to hundreds of millions in annual revenues. These businesses operate and compete in the same world as the 1%ers. They face the same headline risk uncertainties, while negotiating adversarial moves from 1%ers — economic growth, cybercrimes, global health, rogue social waves, extreme weather, and so on — regardless of their field, location, size, or how long they’ve been at it.

But it’s not a level playing field. So FatBrain is working with Main Street businesses to leapfrog 1%ers by using FatBrain AI paired with its network effect.

We’ve validated our technologies with leading organizations at scale — scoring billions of daily transactions with Bank of America, half-billion daily broadcast tweets with Comcast, hundreds of millions of poultry with Pilgrim’s Pride, hundreds of thousands of emails and texts with Samsung, to cite a few. Now we’re taking the same advanced data and software technologies and making them a commodity. We’ve developed an easy, subscription entry point, prioritizing speed to actionable insights — pairing smart automation of critical data and analysis with user-friendly dashboards so company leaders who already wear various hats don’t have to add another. And for those that want a more active partnership to help them navigate and realize business outcomes, we also offer coaching services ranging from on-boarding to long-term engagements.

The power of the Network effect … With subscriptions, get insights from permissioned peer data and overall market dynamics, based on individually contributed peer outcomes, featuring anonymized, encrypted, privacy protected, secure technologies. Yields greater effectiveness and efficiencies than available to non-subscribing 1%ers and levels the playing field.

FatBrain is obsessed with patterns.

Hidden inside massive and continuously growing data deluge live rhythms and themes and signals and clues to grow your business. So we’ve created a suite of solutions that hunt for these exploitable nuggets, map them to form peer-validated connections, and present the insights for the direct benefit of Main Street decision-makers.

And unlike others in the field, we’re pioneering a peer-driven approach to AI, emphasizing Contributory Network Effects to produce large, rich, and dynamic understanding to inform the individual decisions of Main Street businesses.

The value is immediate once a client permissions access to their business systems, e.g., QuickBooks, Shopify or hundreds of other SaaS apps. We learn patterns in minutes: behaviors, tendencies, outliers, vulnerabilities, questions, and opportunities revealed within their peer context. With our Contributory understanding, we can personalize the analysis and the recommendations, informing where we can introduce meaningful improvements — to gain sales, boost margins, optimize headcount, guide expansion, streamline receivables…whatever a client’s objectives may be to accelerate growth.

The AI world is young, but it’s also proven and widely utilized, especially by 1%ers. So FatBrain is doing things that have never been done before.

We’re pushing the boundaries of speed, value, and personalized decision-making bringing the proven power of patterns and peers to Main Street businesses.