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Secure your data from ransomware

Free forever data protection

Small businesses make up over 50% of ransomware victims. Protect your business data by subscribing to FatBrain's forever free RansomProof service.

Works across popular business-critical apps, including -


  • Free forever, no cost, cancel anytime
  • Set-up in minutes, easily add new apps
  • Automatic back-up 1x per day, everyday, forever
  • Daily message confirming protection level
  • Data secure, private and encrypted
Free forever data protection

Why use RansomProof?

Most mid-market businesses depend on five or more cloud-based applications for invoicing, payments, customer information, messaging, inventory and e-commerce ..... creating a significant business exposure to cloud outages, ransomware attacks, compliance and vendor continuity risks.
Why use RansomProof?
Protected - free, forever!

Protected - free, forever!

RansomProof provides you with an extra layer of protection not offered from your business apps. As a trusted third-party, you can count on FatBrain to secure and protect your data, everyday.

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Free forever data protection


How do I know my data will be safe?

All of FatBrain’s software is developed with adherence to state-of-the-art security principles. All data between our servers and you is encrypted with at least 128-bit TLS. Data is kept secure with multiple servers housed in secure data centers that have strict access controls and real-time video monitoring. All servers are hardened modern installations, which are monitored in real-time and kept up to date with security patches.

What is the cost for RansomProof?

RansomProof data protection service is free, forever!

How often is my data backed up?

Your data is backed up once per day, everyday of the year. We’ll send you a daily message to confirm your data is safe.

What’s the catch?

FatBrain is laser-focused on providing AI solutions to every organization enabling growth, saving and better business. If you find value in our RansomProof service, we would like the opportunity to provide you with additional Business Wellness services.