FatBrain Launches Intellagent Advisor™

FatBrain AI ($LZGI) Launches Powerful AI Solution for Thousands of Independent Agents Writing Over $450 Billion in US P&C Premiums.

FatBrain AI ($LZGI) Launches Powerful AI Solution for Thousands of Independent Agents Writing Over $450 Billion in US P&C Premiums


NEW YORK, July 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — FatBrain AI (LZG International, Inc., OTCQB: LZGI) (the “Company,” or “we”), the leader in powerful and easy-to-use AI solutions for the enterprise stars of tomorrow, launches powerful AI SaaS for independent property-casualty (“P&C”) insurance agents.


The independent agency channel places 62% of $765 billion P&C insurance written in the U.S., according to the Big “I” 2022 Market Share Report. Moreover, this channel places nearly 88% of all commercial lines, in turn comprising nearly half the total P&C written premium. The Insurance Information Institute reports there are over 628,000 P&C agents.

As a subsidiary of FatBrain AI, IntellAgents is proud to announce its latest product; IntellAgent Advisor™, a sales enablement tool for agents’ rapid growth and productivity boost. It personalizes the exclusive underwriting knowledge from Rough Notes, Inc., a trusted leader supporting the independent agents and underwriters since 1878. It automates 145 years of insurance expertise and delivers it at the “point of sale” using FatBrain’s FatGPT™ private data model technology, similar to the popular large language models or LLMs. In its simplicity, the IntellAgent Advisor aligns and enhances the underwriting knowledge, the agent-client experience and FatBrain’s existing innovation ecosystem continuously scoring industry and region-specific business risks.

“IntellAgent Advisor is a great sales tool that fills a huge gap in technology for Independent agents,” said Walt Gdowski, CEO and owner of Rough Notes. “With a few simple clicks, IntellAgent Advisor allows the agent to analyze in minutes thousands of variables across specific commercial risks, to contrast the coverages they have, with those that they should have, benchmarked with those that comparable companies have. We are excited to help enable industry-wide productivity, personalization and industry intelligence boost to further support the independent agency growth trajectory for decades to come.”

“IntellAgent Advisor targets deep industry knowledge to help agents win new clients while keeping existing clients engaged. We handle all the data gathering so the agent can focus on ensuring the client’s optimal coverage,” said Mark Stender, president of FatBrain AI insurance business and a 27-year veteran of digital innovation at Prudential and Travelers. “IntellAgent Advisor simplifies decades of complex industry knowledge and relevant risk behaviors into an easy subscription delivering a personalized agent-client experience. We bring the much needed “Netflix experience” to the insurance industry.”

“IntellAgent Advisor automates the edge of the P&C value chain closest to the customer – helping agents match optimal policy to each client,” said Peter B. Ritz, co-founder and CEO of FatBrain AI. “We are delighted to deliver the next phase of industry growth through independent agents paired with innovative knowledge base built on decades of support from Rough Notes. We believe the adoption of this technology will be fairly rapid and include thousands of agents during the next twelve months.”

How IntellAgent Advisor Works, Where to Subscribe

[Given prospective client’s name and address or a picture of client’s existing policy, IntellAgent Advisor rapidly learns about the specific risks of the client in combination with industry peer intelligence of similar risks. Agents can immediately match the prospect’s profile to 700 classes of business to ensure the right coverage while protecting against Errors & Omissions (“E&O”) claims. The match includes minimum coverages, optional coverages, potential causes of loss and mitigating factors showcasing agent’s understanding of the client’s needs to win new business. For renewals, IntellAgent Advisor automatically examines material changes in a company’s operation or growth and re-assesses coverage needs, providing upsell opportunities for the agent and improved protection for the client.]

[IntellAgent Advisor will be available Sept 2023. Reserve your complimentary 3 month subscription now. https://press.intellagents.com/intellagent-advisor]

About FatBrain AI (LZG International, Inc., OTCQB:LZGI)

FatBrain AI provides powerful and easy-to-use AI solutions to empower the enterprise stars of tomorrow to grow, innovate, and drive the majority of the global economy. FatBrain’s AI 2.0 technologies and advanced data services transform continuous learning, narrative reasoning, large language models, and cloud and blockchain technologies into auditable, explainable and easy to integrate AI solutions. FatBrain’s subscriptions allow all companies to deploy its advanced AI solutions quickly, easily, and securely behind their firewalls or via cloud. FatBrain’s global delivery includes 600+ team across design, development centers in the US, UK, India, and Kazakh Republic.

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