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We could all go farther with a lot less headwinds when driving a business.
Track with thousands of your peers helping each other get there.

Forbes Industry Trends (FITTM) is your personal business coach to turn headwinds into tailwinds. Brought to you by teams from your industry peers and

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FITTM delivers personal insights, with price & volume dynamics from half a million goods & services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Forbes Industry Trends?

We are a joint venture between Forbes Medica, LLC, the storied leader in business success, visited by 140M monthly subscribers, supported by 7,000 contributors and FatBrain AI (OTCQB: LZGI), delivering AI solutions to the economic stars of tomorrow (SMEs), driving the majority of jobs and GDP growth worldwide.

What is the cost of Forbes Industry Trends?

Forbes Industry Trends (“FITTM“) service starts with a free personalized subscription for your market. For example, you can subscribe to receive price and volume trends for wine in Westchester Co., NY or for commercial printing in Maricopa Co., AZ.

Can I customize my report with more detail?

Yes, you can add more insights across geo and sector levels with a paid subscription, starting with $49 per month.

How easy is it to set up?

Simply confirm you’re not a robot, choose your geography and sector, and that’s it!

How often is my FITTM report done?

Your report is done once per day, everyday of the year. We’ll deliver the weekly summary automatically, every week. We’ll send you a daily confirmation on key alerts and updates, which can be personalized.

What’s the catch?

Forbes Industry Trends is laser-focused on tracking key industry trends across sectors to enable businesses navigate headwinds better. The core offering is free, forever. Additional insights gained across thousands of peer participants are subject to the relevant data, insight and feedback contributions in your market.

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