Our AI solutions enable every organization to simplify decision-making and harness data to grow, save and do better business.

AI For Everyone

<span>AI</span> For Everyone

Works across popular business-critical apps, including:

SaaS Apps
SIC Sectors
Peer Prospects
Open Source Data

FatBrain AI solutions deliver 3-for-1 bundle of modern software, market data and expert service.

The AI 2.0 pioneered by our teams is like WAZE for business growth, using advanced peer dynamics technology to automatically learn patterns from individual and peer behavior. This allows us to deliver coached, personalized AI solutions at hyperscale.

FatBrain unifies insights from SaaS applications, turbo-charged by peer and market dynamics:

Realize attainable goals from explainable peer performance
Turbo-charge human expertise with superhuman AI insights
Accelerate growth through the contributory network effects
Simplify harnessing data across common apps and market signals

I am leading one of the 213 million businesses which together drive 50% global GDP and jobs.

Why should I work with FatBrain?

Our company OATH to customers, partners and team members:


We believe in bright futures where everyone can win. We celebrate human intelligence and ingenuity. Our goal is to supplement (not supplant) with technology. The world will be better because of AI.


Easy to use and affordable. Our solutions are plug and play, and our subscription model allows any business to harness powerful, individualized AI — without upfront capital or technical expertise.


We are proven at the highest levels of commerce and academia. Your data is safe, secure, and private. You can trust us because we’re on your side – AI for the 213 million businesses which together drive 50% global GDP and jobs.


We enable you and your peers to learn from each other to make daily business decisions to climb personalized market leaderboards. Together you will know more tomorrow than yesterday.

FatBrain's team of veteran business, AI and technology leaders, brings decades of experience to deliver AI for everyone.

Michael Moe
Michael Moe
Executive Chair
Peter B. Ritz
Peter B. Ritz
CEO, Sales and Corporate Development
Rajarshi Das, PhD
Rajarshi Das, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer, Managing Director AI Applications
Wei Ouyang, PhD
Wei Ouyang, PhD
Managing Director, FX, AML and Valuations
Mark Stender
Mark Stender
President, Insurance and Risk
Soubir Acharya
Soubir Acharya
Chief Architect
Eugene Sherbinin
Eugene Sherbinin
CEO, Central Asia Operations
Ilyas Birmanov
Ilyas Birmanov
Director, Corporate Development, Central Asia